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January 23, 2023


If one talks about the largest and best-selling company of personal computers in the world, Lenovo, undoubtedly, resonates in people's minds. With 63,000 employees in 60 countries, it is a Fortune Global 500 Technology company, also, one of the Fortune Magazine's world's most admired companies, and known for its transition from a domestic Mainland Chinese firm to a multinational. Although it was founded in a dusty two-room guardhouse in Beijing by Liu Chuanzhi, retired now, it has now touched uncountable milestones in the world of PCs and become an extremely fast-moving industry. It was started in 1984 with only 10 people; now it has 63,000 employees in 180 markets of the world with a market share of 24.7%. 



Its name's story is also quite interesting. From its existence to 2001, its name was "Legend", but, in 2002, it was changed to "Lenovo". Operating offices in four countries, it has launched many best-known brands, like ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Yoga, LEGION, ThinkCentre, and IdeaCentre. The company not only delivers a plethora of products, such as laptops, desktops, workstations, wearables, smartphones, and accessories, to name a few but also specializes in designing, marketing and manufacturing. 




 Top Lenovo Products You Will Adore To Know:


1. Laptops

Lenovo has a wide range of laptop brands, such as ThinkPad, LEGION, Lenovo, IdeaPad and so on. Lenovo consistently caters to the needs of their clients, offering the best products, whether they require a business laptop or a student laptop, a ultra thin laptop or a gaming laptop; there is no compromise in choices given by Lenovo to their consumers. Ranging from $ 100 to $9,999, Lenovo's laptops hold a top rank among all best-selling laptops. 


2. Desktops

Lenovo's desktop computers are very famous among patrons for their price, dependability and longevity. Available from mid-range to a high-end processor, it comes in many brands, like ThinkCentre, Yoga, LEGION, IdeaCentre, etc. The prices of its various variants range from $300 to $4,999.


3. Tablets

If you want something handy and easy-to-use, Lenovo tablets are a good, affordable option which come with a screen size of 1" to 13.9". Want to choose the best as per your requirement? No need to worry! There are a plethora of Lenovo tablets available in the market. 


4. Monitors 

If you need a budget-friendly and fit-to-requirement monitor for your home or office, you'll get the best options at Lenovo. Its excellent screen quality gives your shopping a fulfillment. Available with loads of features, like eye care, USB-C, integrated speaker, and so on, it can never be a disappointment for you.


5. Workstations

Looking for a reliable and best quality workstation? Just go for the ThinkPad workstation and Lenovo Thinkstation without a single thought! Owing to its design, they work so fast that you can make changes in seconds. Ranging from $800 to $4,999, it comes with a ton of features and intel core processors. 


6. Gaming

There are multiple options available at Lenovo for all game lovers. Modern gamers will appreciate the highly tailored computer gaming experience provided by Lenovo Legion gaming machines, which easily handle the newest PC games. Lenovo Legion meets your needs whether you're a professional eSports player or just a casual gamer who likes some downtime after work.


7. Accessories and software 

If you want to add something that can better your computer's performance and is easy to use, Lenovo's accessories and software section will never disappoint you. Lenovo delightfully offers PC accessories that improve your computing experience, whether you're looking for a USB mouse or a wireless keyboard, or a powerful speaker. 


8. Wearables

In 2014, Lenovo launched smartwatches with modern features. The smart band branded device has a seven-day battery life. It contains an optical heart-rate monitor, and you can use it to keep track of your running distance, running duration, and calories expended. Additionally, it can alert the user to incoming calls and texts.


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Final Takeway: Lenovo's All Products Review 

We, at Top 15 Online provide you with an authentic piece of information in order to make your shopping fruitful and worthwhile. We know the value of your time and money, so we care about it the most; that's why we have brought this information before you through this article to save your energy and efforts.

As a result, we assure you that all the products of Lenevo you can buy without giving a single consideration. They all are of the highest caliber and serve your purpose in the best way. So, keep shopping at Lenovo and utilize the most of your money. 



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