Setapp Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

November 03, 2022

SetApp Review 2022 - Detailed Review

Love your Macbook but hate all the individual subscriptions you need to take for making an app work? If this is your case, then this Setapp review is just for you. The Setapp has been designed to ease the stress of countless subscriptions for users. Priced economically, the Setapp offers you unlimited access to unrestricted versions of premium Mac apps.  

Sounds interesting right? Then stick with us till the end, as this Setapp reviews the platform to its bits. Below, we shall be enlisting some key information about this platform that shall help you in making an informed decision about this platform. 

Let's begin.

Why so much rave about SetApp?

Setapp is a subscription-based service provided by the renowned MacPaw that has also created the highly popular Mac optimization software. Through Setapp, one can access several premium mac apps at a low monthly price. 

How does it work? 

If you have been looking for a simple way to get hold of mac apps, then Setapp is a must-try. You can avail of several mac apps through the Setapp subscription which has been carefully categorized by the team to provide the customers with a package that includes quality apps at a reasonable price of $9.99 a month (yearly subscription).

1. 7 days free trial 

The Setapp allows you to take a no-ads, uncomplicated free version for 7 days where you can explore the platform and its 2. Access to over 240 apps 

Discover the wonderland of apps on the Setapp platform. Find an app for every task you got to do. 

3. Easy installation and uninstallation of apps with just a click 

What apps can be found on SetApp? 

To cater to all demands, the Setapp has curated categories that include a variety of apps under it. 

On the Setapp, you can find the following categories 

1. Maintenance 

2. Lifestyle 

3. Productivity 

4. Mac Hacks 

5. Security 

6. Personal Finance 

7. Developer tools 

8. Task Management

9. Writing and blogging 

10. Education 

11. Creativity 

12. Available  on iOS 

While there are numerous mac apps available on the Setapp platform, we are enlisting some of the most popular apps so that you get a hint about the kind of apps available here

1. Gemini 

2. CleanMyMac X

3. iStat Menus 

4. Get Backup Pro 

5. Disk Drill

6. Mimir 

7. Newton 

8. MindNode 

9. Taskheat 

10. Pagico

11. SQLPro Studio 

12. RapidWeaver

13. Dropshare

14. Canary Mail

15. Euclid 

How to kickstart with SetApp? Installation guide 

Setapp can be downloaded from the desktop app. Upon signing up, you will receive a zip file with the installer. Using a double-click, extract "". You will be taken to "" - double-click and the app will be saved to the Applications folder. Wait a few seconds for the download to complete before opening the app.Furthermore, you can explore the Setapp in the following way-

1. Click on All Apps to discover the apps available on the platform.

2. Easily switch between categories and get your tasks done instantly

3. Save time on selecting the apps by checking out the preview

4. Install by clicking the install option in the preview menu or under the app name

One interesting feature of the Setapp is that it ensures to solve the most complex tasks with utmost ease.


The SetApp Collection

The Setapp offers the option of “Collection”, which can help users to solve problems instantly. Discover apps that accelerate routine tasks, screen capturing tools, shortcuts for developers, and apps that help you update macOS. The Collections section is located on the left sidebar, above the app categories. 

SetApp Pricing Options

Known for its low prices, the platform right from its inception has ensured that they make Setapp accessible to everyone. Whether it’s an individual or business, one can use Setapp at a budgeted price.

You can avail of the SetApp at the following prices



-        Free 7 day trial

-        Unlimited access to all apps

-        $9.99/month


-        Unlimited access to all apps

-        Scalable team

-        Group billing

-        Management control


Managing payments on SetApp

To continue using Setapp after your trial period ends, you'll need to provide your payment details. If you've provided payment information before, you'll be charged automatically. To track your payments, go to (click on the account icon in the top right corner). 

Fill out the Payment details tab with your credit card information. Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCD, Discover, and Maestro are all acceptable methods of payment. You can also pay with your PayPal account.

Can the apps be uninstalled on SetApp?

Yes, Setapp allows users to uninstall apps easily. All you have to do is select the apps you want to uninstall, and drag them to trash on your mac.

Another way to uninstall the apps is by going to “On This Mac”, opening the app preview and then clicking on the disclosure triangle, once you have clicked that you will see the uninstall button, click on it and the app will be uninstalled.

Pros and Cons of the SetApp



Affordable prices

Some apps can be purchased at a cheaper price than the Setapp price

Smooth user interface

Setapp’s library can have a whole makeover overnight

Manages the installation, licensing and updating of the Mac apps

You will have to pay more money for additional device

A plethora of apps available on the SetApp library


Full access is available for CleanMyMac X & Gemini 2


Key TakeAway : SetApp Review

As a Mac apps subscription platform, the SetApp has proven itself to be quite a user and pocket-friendly platform. Its key features like low monthly fees and access to unlimited premium Mac apps makes this platform stand apart from its counterpart. Furthermore, it also provides application categories, app detail pages, and one-click installations similar to the default Mac App Store. Installation of apps is easy and there are no licensing hassles.

Therefore, after much exploring, we at Top 15 Online believe that giving SetApp is worth a shot. It’s an easy way to handle and access all the Mac software under one roof. Rather than spending money on individual apps, SetApp ensures that customers enjoy the real experience of Mac apps easily, without worrying about paying numerous times.


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