Miss hosting review- 4 things to know before building a website

January 05, 2022


Miss Hosting Website Builder Review - Analysis

You may spend a lot of money in marketing your business but if you don’t have an online presence, it’s going in vain. In the present times, every other person owns a smartphone and has access to the internet. Nobody looks at flyers or pamphlets. This is why running the business online has become extremely crucial for any organisation.

Building and maintaining a website seems like a daunting task. The technicality involved in making a site can be confusing. But you don’t have to do that on your own. Get assistance from a web hosting company and your services are all set to be displayed on the internet. There’s a huge number of these companies available and we are going to analyse one of them in this blog. So, sit tight as all of you are going to bid adieu to all of your confusion.



About Miss Hosting

Headquartered in Sweden, Miss Hosting is a web hosting company that pledges to serve customers with various services. They provide web hosting, Magento hosting, SEO solutions, Email management, domain registration, and a number of other services as well. You can easily get access to VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, etc, with the various plans offered by Miss Hosting.


miss hosting website builder review - Top 15 Online


1. Unique Selling Point and target audience

The claims to build your site within 5 minutes. Yes, this is what they say on their website and they actually abide by this. Building a site in 5 minutes may sound like a far-fetched dream but AI and other tools help you achieve this. The major target audience of the company includes new and small business owners who aren’t much familiar with website building and thus, seek assistance.

You can effortlessly use different templates using the drag-and-drop tool for ease of use. These HTML-built templates come in handy when you want to build a blog, portfolio, or run a small business and online store. The tools and features offered by Miss Hosting can suit the requirements of different businesses. No matter if you have a small business or a big one, Miss Hosting has a lot in store for you.


miss hosting website builder review - Top 15 Online


2. Customer Support and Uptime guarantee

The company offers 24x7 customer assistance over the phone, chat, and email. They are always present for your help and this is why the company offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their response was always found to be helpful and intriguing.



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3. Plans and Pricing

miss hosting website builder review - Top 15 Online

Unlike most web hosting companies, Miss Hosting doesn’t offer monthly plans. You can buy them on a yearly basis like for 12 months, 24, or 36-month plans. You can find a package as cheap as $12.99 and as expensive as $159.99. All of it depends on your requirements and usage.

The Dedicated hosting package starts at $99 per month and gets expensive as you upgrade it. Reseller hosting will also cost you a handsome amount. It starts from $25 for the basic pack and the Ultimate plan will cost $124.92 for a month.


4. Shared and Dedicated Hosting

miss hosting website builder review - Top 15 Online

Site building is super easy with the features offered by Miss Hosting. If you want to share the bandwidth with a few other users, you are good to go with the Shared hosting. Otherwise, with a Dedicated hosting plan, all of it is yours. But the plan price is a bit high when compared to Shared hosting packs. These two hosting types are the popular products of Miss Hosting. It is to be remembered that Dedicated hosting should only be used when you have enormous traffic flowing to your website. Otherwise, save your money with a Shared hosting plan. 


Other Features

1. Backups: The backup of your website and data is run every night to avoid any kind of loss.

2. Monitoring: All the services you get are monitored 24x7. This significantly reduces the risk of interruption and errors.

3. Money-back guarantee: You can get your money back within 45 days of buying the package in case you don’t like Miss Hosting’s services.


miss hosting website builder review - Top 15 Online

Miss Hosting will provide you a user-friendly experience in terms of usage, features, and tools. Even first-time users will effortlessly access their tools. They deserve a thumbs up for this factor. However, they don’t provide high-end hosting solutions and services. Wanting to run a small business online or start a blog? Miss Hosting should be your ultimate choice.



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