Wish.com Reviews - Is Wish Legit, Safe, and Reliable for Shopping?

April 08, 2022

Wish.com is a great website for buying affordable products. However, due to some negative reviews, people are really confused about the product and can’t figure out whether they should buy it or not. Here, in this guide, we are going to discuss all about Wish.com.

What is Wish.com?

Wish is basically an online platform for shopping that will let the customers buy from the merchants via their website. The website is known for their wide range of merchandise in low prices. Their pricing is generally lower than any of their competitors which makes it affordable and first choice for buying products online.


Why Does the Website Sell product in low prices?

Many of the customers are confused why the website is offering products in such low rates and due to that, many hesitate while buying anything. However, you do not need to have a second thought as we are here telling you the reason why the website sells product in low price. Since the website is dealing directly with the merchants, you are going to buy the products from the manufacturers because of which you don’t have to bear the price of retailer and other middle mans. If you’re living in countries like UK, US or Canada, the vendor will directly ship the product to you.

Recommended Products to buy from Wish.com

Although the category of product is huge, we do recommend you some of the great products that we recently found on Wish.com and is available at cheaper price-

  • Watches- If you are not a brandoholic, then buying a decent watch from the website is going to be worthful. They share wide range of watches that are available at good price. So if you want something basic, refer the website.
  • Clothing- They do have wide range of apparel where you can find clothing for men, women and children. We do recommend you to buy the clothing line especially for your kids as they mostly give you one size plus than the expected ones and for kids, you are surely going to find it useful.
  • USB Cables- If you are looking for USB cables, you can surely find good pricing for it. And if you are buying it in bulk quantity, you can surely go for this website as rates are going to be reasonable when you purchase in bulk.
  • Home Décor- Home décor is a wide category where you will find plenty of things that you may not have discovered till now. Things that are maybe useful or just for show piece can be found in Wish.com in affordable rates. You can also find the electric products in the same category.

    Visit Wish.Com Official Website

Some basic tips for buying in Wish.com

We want you to have a pleasant experience while shopping in Wish.com and that is why, we are sharing some of the must know tips that you will find useful while making a purchase. So let’s go ahead with the same.

  • Go with the reviews- In each of the product, you are going to find few reviews that will surely going to help you as those reviews are directly coming from the customers who have already made a purchase. They also do share a picture of their product so that you can have a comparison of how the product looks in real vs in picture.
  • Don’t go in rush- If you are just buying for the sake of buying, stop. You need to know whether the product is useful for you or not and if not, then you should rather skip the product. While making a purchase of any of the product, you need to find the use of it and then make a purchase.
  • Don’t go with long shipping time products- If you are seeing that some of the products you want to buy are having long shipping time, then try to skip that product or find the alternative of the same. you will get same kind of products available from different merchants. Check the shipping time as it should be quicker.
  • Be correct with the sizing- If you are ordering it from outside the country, you need to pay attention with the sizing of the product. Make sure that the product you are buying is good and perfect in sizing. You can refer to the chart as well.
  • Be aware of misleading pictures and description- Sometimes you may find the picture or description too good to be true. In that case, before you make a purchase, check out the review and picture of the same product given by the customers. It will help.


How is the shipping, cancellation and refund policy?

Talking about the shipping, the shipping price is minimum as per the country and address. You need to add the address and shipping details and the price will be given. If you wish to cancel a product that you have purchased, you need to do it before the item ships. Once the product ships, you can not cancel it. Talking about the refund policy, you can claim the refund within 30 days of billing only. After that, your product is not eligible for refund.

Our verdict?

Our experience so far with Wish.com has been blissful. We have received great products with some unbelievable pricing due to which we did order in bulk. All over experience was okay and the quality was also up to the mark. Thus, we do advise our readers to try the product once. Visit Wish.Com Official Website