Canva Graphic Design Tool Review - Guide to design like a PRO

January 24, 2023

Designing is an art, and it takes a lot of skills and years of experience to design like a professional. Still, one thing that should be enough to motivate you is that even professionals started as amateurs and now you can also learn the basics of designing with platforms like Canva.

In this Canva Graphic design tool review, we will take you through steps that can help you kickstart your design skills. Furthermore, we will illustrate to you the features and tools of this designing tool that would enable you to understand the workability and feasibility of Canva. 



Designing Tool : Canva Graphic Design Tool Review

Canva, a graphic design platform, is a highly acclaimed brand in the world of graphic design. Since its launch, it has sparked a revolution in graphic design. The company was founded in Perth, Australia by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams on 1st Jan, 2013 has now 100 million users and around 5,000 employees. 

Canva graphic design tool review - Top 15 Online

In essence, it provides easy-to-use graphic designing tools that even a younger student can employ without any hassle. Users can use the platform's collection of included templates and tools to produce designs that look professional. 


How To Use Canva Graphic Design Tools?

Using Canva is not rocket science. Canva graphic design tool review show that using them is actually child's play. The best thing about Canva is that you become better with a little practice without putting effort for hours. 

So, let's get started and learn how to use the tools and Canva-

Canva graphic design tool review - Top 15 Online


1. To use Canva tools, you have to create a Canva account. So, open Canva and make an account first. 

2. Then go to the home page and decide what you want to design, a social media page or a presentation, a video or a website.

3. Now, click on create a design button. Here you can upload a photo or video, or choose from a suggested template list on the left of your page.

4. Now, edit your design by choosing a good background or colour from the colour wheel or a right font, adding text, icons, frame, and filters, adjusting brightness, cropping and flipping, and so on.

5. Now your design is ready. You can download it or save it on Canva. 


Canva Graphic Design Tool Review : A List of Some Tools

canva graphic design tool review


1. Colour Wheel - Confused? What colour combination looks good? Not to worry! Use Canva colour wheel that gives your design a professional look. 

2. Grids - Want to place multiple images and apply filters? Use this fantabulous tool to give your design a fabulous look. 

3. Drag-and-drop Tool - This tool can drag and drop your content into the design. This is one of the significant tools that makes Canva user-friendly.

4. Text Holder Tool - If you want to move your text around, use a simple but very useful tool.

5. Canva Frames - This easy-to-use editing tool gives your image a crisp and polished look, so explore the Canva photo frames for alternative and elaborated borders.

6. Photo Enhance Tool - Want to be happier with the image quality? Use the Canva photo enhance tool to turn your photo from a mediocre one to an eye-catching one.

7. Curved Text Tool - Wonder how to give your text a curved shape? Just use this wonderful tool to enhance the look of your design. You don't have to change the angle of every text.

8. Canva Video Trimmer - Is your video too lengthy? Don't worry! Canva video trimmer is here to give your video the right length.

Continue reading this canva graphic design tool review to discover why it's become a popular choice among graphic designers, entrepreneurs, and even individuals looking to elevate their visual content creation. 


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Canva Pricing and Plans : An Important Matter to Know

There are three categories of Canva plan and its pricing: 

Canva Graphic design tool - Top 15 Online





Canva free gives a plethora of tools to use without any charges, and with the help of these tools, you can give your design a pretty look; however, you feel limited when you work as a professional or your business is growing leaps and bounds. So you must jump to Canva pro. If you opt for Canva pro, you will get a 45-day free trial.

Canva pro is a paid plan that comes with numerous advanced tools that gives your design a terrific look, and you can choose either monthly or yearly. Its monthly plan costs you $12.99 and the yearly plan, $119.99. You can go for either plan; nevertheless, yearly is quite cheaper. 

If you have a company, 'Canva for team' plan is a good option; however, Canva for team plan differs from Canva pro. The number of users determines how the pricing for "Canva for Teams" is structured; the bigger your team, the more you have to pay. Below is an estimated list of pricing of 'Canva for team' plan for 10, 20, and 50 users-


Canva For Team - Pricing Details

Canva graphic design tool review - Top 15 Online






$ 14.99  



$ 87.49     



$ 232.49



$ 642.49  



Canva Pros & Cons: A Thorough Guide

Canva is one of the best options for graphic design when it comes to marketing or brand promotion for your company. However, you might want to reconsider using it as your company's main platform because although Canva has many wonderful features and an easy-to-use UI, it also has a few flaws that you should be aware of. 



The Advantages of Canva -

1. Canva can make anyone a designer, from a younger student to an owner of a company. 

2. Because of its signature drag-and-drop tool, it is very user-friendly. 

3. Its free plan gives everyone access to this platform.

5. Canva is very affordable in comparison to other platforms, even though you have to pay $ 12.99 for its canva pro plan.

6. It gives your design not only a terrific look but also gives a professional touch as if a professional has designed something.

7. It has a plethora of templates, for both paid as well as free plans.

8. It doesn't need hours to learn; even a small amount of time of practice can make you an expert.

9. At present, social media has become a necessity for everyone, and Canva is a big help here, not only to glamorize your photo, but to give your post a professional look.

10.  By making small adjustments, it is possible to reuse designs from earlier projects in a way that differs from the originals. 

11. This software has a huge impact on how well the brand is maintained throughout all of the images and the marketing strategy.

12. For 45 days, the paid version is free to try. 


Top 15 Online


The Disadvantages of Canva - 

1. Canva's ability to handle design elements is less flexible than that of programmes like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign in terms of alignment.

2. Because both paid and free photographs are displayed under one heading, it is aggravating that you cannot search by solely using free images.

3. There is no transparent download option in the free version.

4. When printing or saving it to your computer, what you see in Canva might not match what you see when you view it there.

5. Stock photos, templates, fonts, your brand kit, team sharing, storage, and support are all restricted in the free edition. 

Even though there are some drawbacks of Canva, Canva's importance can't be denied owing to its unique features, free version, affordable paid plan, and out-of-the-box tools. There are many things that make Canva stand out from the crowd.


Final Takeaway : Canva Graphic Design Tool Review 

As Top 15 Online is aware of the need for accurate information and appreciates the importance of its client's needs, it has developed a Canva graphic design tool review that is real and well-researched.

top 15 online


With the information provided, it assures you that Canva is a single graphic design platform that gives its users unlimited choices, absolutely free. Although it has paid plans, a normal user can do the designing with the free plan. Despite having some flaws, it is laudable due to its numerous advantages that makes it special among the crowd. 


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