The Future of Instant Voice Cloning- A Look at Genny by Lovo AI

September 19, 2023

Automation is the future. This is not a question but a simple fact of life. It is finding its way into a variety of different aspects of life, ranging from easing business processes to instant voice cloning, which advertising agencies use to create faithful recreations of the voices of famous personalities, to being used as a tool to enable ease of use to mobile phone users through text-to-speech. 

The applications of voice automation in the 21st-century world are genuinely limitless, stretching beyond the periphery of the professional world, enabling differently-abled people to understand and communicate better and building bridges between individuals from different backgrounds and languages. Voice automation can also adapt to accents to create ease of understanding and better clarify communications between individuals. 

But who is the innovator that is taking this innovative technology forward, propelling it to a new stratosphere entirely? Today, we bring to you Genny, an AI voice generator that goes beyond just the traditional text-to-speech functions, extending into automating the voices of famous personalities such as actors, newspersons, politicians, and so on. Let's learn more about this wonderful technology on our quest to explore AI like never before. 


Genny- Natural AI Voices for Your Business

Communication is paramount whether you're an individual, a business owner, or anything in between. The most essential part of communication is to put what you want to say across in as clear terms as possible. 

A lot of times, when we converse with persons from different cultures and backgrounds, what we say gets lost in translation. This, more often than not, can result in communication gaps, misunderstandings, and other communication-related issues which can, in the best case, be rectified, and in the worst case, can interrupt your business process, create misunderstandings with the individual you're conversing with causing damage to your relationship or business which can lead to adverse consequences.

This is why there is a necessity for a mediator. This automated voice generator creates realistic AI voices that can not only speak in complex accents but also provide multilingual support for you to make precise lines of communication.

But communication is not the only use of Genny. Its capabilities are far more advanced than the regular text-to-speech software, let’s explore everything this powerful voice automation tool can do for you. 



Not your Ordinary Voice Generator

Genny is a platform that revolutionizes what voice automation can achieve, setting the bar and the standard for the industry to follow. For those more curious about how that can be done, let's explore what exactly it can do for you. 

  • ◾  Multilingual support- Genny allows users to generate voices in various accents and languages. This is not only a powerful tool for business owners to communicate with clients from across the world, but it also enables content creators to create their content for wider audiences across the world, cutting out the hassle of learning different languages and expanding the horizons for businesses and creators to expand their business for a global audience. 

  • ◾  Voice Cloning- With this feature, you can clone your voice or the voice of other individuals. This is especially useful in creating chatbots and support options for individuals who want to contact your business for help. You can also use it for your IVR, where you can set a structured menu for inbound clients seeking support. This eliminates the need for an operator and helps your clients reach the appropriate department and get the support they need without any space for error. 

  •   Content Generation- Another use of the platform is to generate content for scripts, calls, and more to streamline the content creation process for a business. 

  •   Evolved Text-to-Speech- Genny by Lovo goes beyond just regular Text-to-speech conversion, offering the capability to convert text into natural AI voices that can't be differentiated from an authentic voice. This helps businesses set up IVR systems for their clients. Their voice software has also found use in the entertainment industry for dubbing into different languages and using it for voice acting for those looking to allocate their funds more smartly. 


Use Cases in the Real World

Many different businesses and a variety of organizations have utilized voice automation to streamline voice-related processes and more. Many organizations have adopted and integrated this technology into their business processes. Below are a few organizations that have used their voice automation tools in their business processes to streamline their work. 

  •   LG CNS

  • ◾  University of California Berkley 

  • ◾  BBC 4 Radio 

  • ◾  Frontier 

  • ◾  Forbes 

These are just some of the cases where this voice automation tool has come to be used, but its capabilities extend to it being an online video editor as well. The platform can be used to edit videos and add voiceovers while you're in the process of editing your advertisements. 



Natural AI Voices or Naturally Overhyped- A Trustpilot Perspective

The key to getting the most out of your experience when using a platform is to make sure you’ve verified that it is worth its salt. This depends on the reviews that verified users who’ve used this platform publish on publicly available databases. 

This is where Trustpilot comes in. Known for its brutal honesty and comprehensive catalog of covered businesses and products, the platform is positioned as a premier one to read up on verified reviews from 100% real customers. We ventured to look at the reviews of this platform and found out that customer reviews were majorly positive, with 78% of reviews being 5-star. Below is a list of pros and cons that we picked up from the reviews-

Variety of voices to choose from  Voices deleted without pre-intimation
Many Realistic AI Voices Text-to-speech could be better
Comprehensive online video editor  -
Customer support is great  -


An AI Voice Generator Unlike Ever Before 

The world of automation is one that is making the lives of business owners and employees much more accessible. With the digital revolution and the migration of a variety of business processes to technologically-reliant paraphernalia like automation tools, Voice automation is coming out as a leading actor. 

Whether it's IVRs or advertisements, instant voice cloning has become a staple to achieve accurate and realistic results for a reasonable price. 


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