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December 13, 2022


A website builder and web hosting service provider, Weebly was founded in 2006 and is headquaetered in San Fransisco. It was acquired by Square in 2008. The first website builder in the world, Weebly, now powers more than 40 million websites with a total of 325 million monthly visits. With the Weebly platform, users, without having to know how to code, can construct and host websites using. It was created on the principle that everyone should have access to the resources necessary to establish and develop a business.

It provides users with a simple drag-and-drop interface, as well as a selection of editable templates, making it simple for anyone to create and publish a website that looks like built by professionals. Additionally, for online stores, Weebly also offers a variety of e-commerce tools like product management, order monitoring, and payment processing. 

Weebly is a well-liked option for small enterprises, independent contractors, and people wishing to create an online presence because of its user-friendly design, e-commerce capabilities, and reasonable price. 

Customers of Weebly can simply sell in person as a result of the platform's integration with Square's commerce platform. You can always do business with Weebly and Square. 



How to Make a Professional Website through Weebly? 

If you are planning to expand your brick-and-mortar company online, Weekly website builder is here for you with its powerful tools that make it simple to create a professional, mobile-optimized website and expand your company through integrated marketing and cutting-edge analytics. 

You first create a Weebly account and select one of the lovely themes for your website that best fits your brand and style. Additionally, check out the features, such as the drag-and-drop website builder, custom fonts, image editor, PARALLAX & REVEAL, video background, and audio and video, to mention a few, and give your website a flawless appearance.

By altering the theme's colors, and fonts, and adding your own logo, you can make it uniquely yours. Now, use a search engine optimization tool to add text, photos, and videos to each page to increase traffic. Connect your domain name to the website you can locate through Weebly's free domain service and use the company's free hosting service for excellent speed. The website is now complete. The additional feature of Weebly makes it more appealing. 


Weebly e-commerce Review

Weebly e-commerce Review


Want to become an entrepreneur and open your online shopping store? Weebly has made everything possible for you with Weebly's e-commerce website builder! Don't wait to start your dream work, just sign up Weebly account! Weebly helps you to start your online business through customer support, email and live chat.

To display your products, you must select an original online store design with a theme that is easily changeable. You can easily launch your online store with Weebly's user-friendly drag-and-drop builder.

Weebly not only launches your ecommerce website with its excellent features, like a shipping tool, inventory tool, coupon builder, and product search tool, among others but also provides smart marketing tools, such as email marketing, SEO and site stats, and website statistics. 

Moreover, you can set the payment option, including Square, Pay Pal, and Stripe.  


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Weebly Mobile Website Builder Review

You may develop a mobile-friendly version of your website using Weebly's mobile website builder. You can create and maintain your website on mobile using Weebly's well-liked applications. You can take your website, store, or blog anywhere thanks to special mobile features. With mobile apps readily available now for iPhone, iPad, and Android, you can produce beautiful content wherever you are. 

So, create your mobile website now, and run your business from mobile!


Weebly Web Hosting Review

If you want a reliable and high-speed website, just go for Weebly web hosting service absolutely free!  The robust and cost-free site hosting platform offered by Weebly offers priceless comfort. Your website loads quickly and is always accessible. You can direct your attention elsewhere knowing that performance and availability are guaranteed. One important thing to keep in mind is that Weebly doesn't have any adverts, unlike other free web hosting providers. 

This free web hosting service guarantees top performance and offers a smooth online experience for users of your Weebly website. 


Weebly Domain Hosting

It's simple to get your own domain name with Weebly. To see if your ideal domain name is available, use Weebly's Domain Name Search tool. 

Moreover, in case, you already have a domain, use Weebly's domain import tool to point it directly to your website. 


Weebly Other features and Services

Weebly has a number of other services and features, apart from web hosting, domain hosting, such as online slide show maker, photo gallery, search engine optimization, app center, video hosting, online form builder, SSL certification, no forced advertisement, password to protect your website, and so on. Visit the website to know more features of Weebly. 


Is Weebly Really Free? 

Yes, Weebly is free but only for basic use. Paid plans offer more features and storage while the free plan has fewer features. If you are willing to use its advanced features for both websites and online stores, you have to buy its connect, pro and business paid plans. Here are its paid plans for the website and e-commerce website - 


Is Weebly Really Free? 


1. For Website - Its connect to domain plan is available just at $1o while pro plan for groups and organizations costs $12 per month and the business plan for small businesses costs $25 per month. For more information, visit the website.

2. For Online Store Website - There are three plans available named pro at $12 per month, business at $25 per month and business plus costs $38 per month. 

Visit the website and search for which plan suits you the most. 


Can Weebly be Trusted? 

Yes, You Can Trust Weebly. Since its launch in 2006, it has been a reputable website builder. It is used by millions of individuals to create websites, and it has a solid reputation for privacy and security. Weebly, the original website builder, today powers more than 40 million websites with 325 million monthly visitors, according to Weebly website builder reviews. Weebly reviews give it a 4.7\5 rating,  which is tremendous.

However, it's crucial to keep your account information and website data private as with any website builder or online service. 


Final Takeaway: Weebly Review

Top 15 Online has reviewed Weebly through this blog and came to a conclusion that due to its large free plan, Weebly is a wonderful choice if you want to create a website without spending any money. But it's less customizable and has fewer tools if you go for a free version.

Having said that, it's helpful for newbies because it offers step-by-step instructions, especially for SEO. Moreover, Weebly excelled in our value-for-money category thanks to its reasonably priced premium packages that provide more than its rivals. So, trust Weebly website builder reviews to make your fantasies come true and give your product fresh life!


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